What you eat…. You become that….. a good saying!!!

Are we safe in this Earth… Are we safe guarding our Earth for our next generation.. Are we living in a system which is safe guarding us and going to safe guard our next generation…

Please think and respond you suggest more like minded people to participate and do something meaningful to save ourselves…

We have to rise against the food products sold to us which is banned in their countries and is not even feed to the pigs..

Our research for over 12 years revealed that we are living an Artificial life by eating artificial food and with Artificial thoughts.. But we never choose this we have been forced into it….

To live we need little money but to live like others we need plenty of money… Endless..

We have been pushed into this life style… Eating habits… Dressing habits…. and what not by just capturing our mind through attraction, convenience, and achieving our desire with less efforts…

The International community which dominates and rule us decides What we should eat? Drink? Wear? And what ailments we should get and what medicine we have to take….

But our for father’s teaches us that our food is medicine and our body is designed such that it is capable of curing itself…

Another alarming thing is monsoon failure…. We don’t get monsoon rainfall but only storm rainfall which will not help our purposes… Why??

An MNC chairman says water is not a human right it is a business…

And we should understand diabetic, cancer and infertility is not a disease it is a business pushed into us slowly by the so called company’s which sell us food and medicine together..

Dear friends we are going to leave this Earth to our next generation such that there is going to be water everywhere but not a single drop to drink…. Think????

— By Linn , Director of Kanyaa Organic Agro Holdings (P)Ltd..



More About Millets…..


      European Union standard for organic is, if the food is 7% toxic they give green acridation best for human consumption, the tolerance limit is up to 11% they give Orange acridation….. And above which they don’t allow to be sold in their country….  But they allow it to be sold in other developing countries.. The average level of toxic in our daily food from dawn to dusk is 28% and it goes up to 46%……



     Millets is the best food to consume for the whole human race… Says world health organization because it has all the nutritious value a human body requires… But 98% of the Millets sold in the market is adulterated or polished and made nutritious less..

— By Linn , Director of Kanyaa Organic Agro Holdings (P)Ltd..


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